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To find projects that have implemented a particular technique, strategy, or technology, click on a listing from one of the boxes below. If the listing is in green type, a definition will appear when you hold the mouse over it.


Quality management
Design team integration
Lifecycle cost analysis
Post commissioning monitoring
Post occupancy evaluation
Residential blower door/ductblaster testing

Biofilter/bioretention basin
Constructed wetland
East & west shading
Grass paving
Green roof
Innovative erosion control technique
Innovative method for reducing paved area
Innovative stormwater management plan
Landscape & earthform wind buffer
Light pollution reduction
Pervious paving
Plant rescue
Rainwater collection & distribution
Reflective paving
Reflective roofing
Site environmental assessment
South facing orientation
Stormwater managment modeling used
Wildlife corridor

Black water system
Composting toilets
Condensate reuse
Cooling towers & gray water
Drought tolerant plants
Gray water system
High efficiency irrigation
Living machine
Low-flow fixtures
Native plants
On-site wastewater treatment
Rainwater collection & distribution
Water distillation or purification
Water efficient appliances
Water quality grease traps
Waterless urinals

Air filtration control
Air locks
Airtight duct system
Back-up power system (UPS)
Biogas energy
Biomass energy
Building integrated photovoltaics
CFC phaseout plan (existing building)
Continuous metering
Distributed energy generation
Energy efficient appliances
Energy modeling software used
Energy recovery system
Fuel cells
Geothermal heating and cooling
Green power in NC
High performance glazing
Highly efficient lighting system
Highly efficient mechanical system
HVAC controls management plan
HVAC controls staff training
Ice storage
Innovative duct system
Light shelves
Load management software
Motion/heat/light sensors
On-demand water heating
Passive cooling strategies
Passive solar heating strategies
Photovoltaic energy
Pre-design for future renewables
Solar domestic hot water
Solar thermal for electricity
Solar thermal for space heating
Thermal mass heat storage
Variable speed motors
Wind energy

“Take-back” materials used
Certified wood use
Construction waste management plan
Designed for disassembly/salvage
Designed for future renovation
Designed for occupant recycling
Environmental life-cycle analysis
Industrialized housing
Leasing of building materials
Linoleum use
Local material use
Non-toxic outdoor wood treatment
On-site manufacturing
Optimum-value engineering
Panelized construction system
Rapidly renewable material use
Recycled ceiling tile
Recycled materials used in ceiling
Recycled materials used in doors/windows
Recycled materials used in equipment
Recycled materials used in finishes
Recycled materials used in flooring
Recycled materials used in furnishings
Recycled materials used in landscape
Recycled materials used in outdoor furnishings
Recycled materials used in roofing
Recycled materials used in structural
Recycled materials used in wall
Recycling of construction/demolition waste
Recycling of site debris
Salvaged building materials used
Salvaged equipment used
Salvaged fixtures used
Salvaged furniture used

Indoor environment
Access flooring
Achieved view in 90% of occupied space
Air filtration control
Carbon dioxide monitoring
Construction IAQ strategies
Controlled ventilation for fresh air
Entrance matting system
Fungus & mold monitoring
Good housekeeping protocols
Individual HVAC controls
Innovative low noise system
Low maintenance materials
Low-emitting adhesives
Low-emitting composites
Low-emitting flooring system
Low-emitting materials - other
Low-emitting paints & coatings
Natural ventilation strategies
Nitric oxide monitoring
Ozone monitoring
Radon monitoring
Sulfur dioxide monitoring
Temperature/humidity monitoring

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