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Welcome to the North Carolina Green Building Technology Database!

The purpose of this database is to help you find projects in the State of North Carolina that have implemented specific green building techniques, strategies, or technologies. crypto in pakistan

"Green building" is sometimes referred to as "high performance building" or "sustainable building." It means that energy, water, and materials are used efficiently during the construction and lifetime of the structure; the health and productivity of occupants is supported; and the impact of the structure on the local and global environment is minimized.

what is forex trading in urdu This database is a collection of case studies, but it is organized in such a way that you can identify projects by any one of about 140 techniques, strategies, and technologies related to green building. You can also identify projects by location, building type, or site condition.

The list of projects is not comprehensive and it is dependent upon users adding more information to the database as they learn about green building projects. It is meant to identify projects and provide information relevant to innovative techniques, not standard, well-established building techniques. The database includes both new construction and retrofits to existing buildings.

The usefulness of this database will increase if YOU will add projects with which you are familiar. It is easy to add a project from this website. Submitted projects are reviewed by an architectural review panel before appearing on the website; however, none of the website sponsors is responsible for the accuracy of information on this website. MasterCard shares

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